Focus PhotoEditor 7.0.3 Free Download

Focus Photoeditor 7 is a powerful image and photo editor , picture retouching tool, web album creator , image browser and photoshop filters Host application for Windows.Besides its excellent ability to correct digital photos,it has many rich tools and effects found in much more expensive professional tools , and there are also many tools you can hardly find elsewhere , Such as Quick Fix Wizard ,Effective and Intelligent Automatic Corrections,Smart Color Replacement and extras like a web-album builder , a batch processor and support for photoshop plugins.Expand your creativity , improve your digital photos ,create artwork,produce pictures for the web,print your own CD and MusicCassete covers,prepare logos,paint with the mouse and create professional looking graphics.Focus is the easy-to-use image editor for anyone.

Focus Photoeditor is a feature rich graphics and photo editing solution for painting and retouching as well as image processing.It offers customizable brushes ,more than 30 Filters/Effects/Deformations,gradients patterns,painting,magic wand and many other standard and advanced features.Focus Photoeditor also supports layers and offers a light studio to apply effects like Elliptic Hotspot,Supernova and others.

Focus Photoeditor Benefits:
*Loads fast,letting you immediately start to edit your pictures.
*Very easy to use once you familiarize with its interface.Gives you professional results.
*Supports over 100 digital camera RAW formats.
*Has the best set of Automatic Photo Corrections you could ask for.
*Uses High Quality-finely pre-tuned photo correction algorithm.
*Has a Batch Processor with the luxury of undo capabilities.
*Supports Layers and Selections.
*Hundreds of quality filters and thousands of options.
*Provides many options to save and export files(optimized size and preview for all formats).
*Offers a very comfortable picture browser with extended capabilities.
*Offers many extras,like a web-album builder.

Paint,Draw and Compose With layers 
Focus Photoeditor is an excellent painting and editing program.You can paint , draw lines,polygons,ellipses and apply color,textures,gradients and objects.
*Customizable brushes let you create any work of art.
*Edit precisely using grids and guides.
*Cloning lets you turn your photos into painting,by copying part of one picture onto other,using your preferred color.

Focus Photoeditor - as every serious image editor-supports layers.Layers let you:
*Experiment photo correction without modifying the original picture.
*Create photo collages of several images one on top of another.
*Add text with several effects,without having to merge them into the picture.
*Create transparent blend effects between pictures.

Special Touch With Filters:Focus Photoeditor has a very large number of built in filters.
Moreover it can use Adobe PhotoShop compatible plug-ins.Many plugins are just waiting to be downloaded and used for free on the internet and some can be purchased at very reasonable prices.

Graphic Tablet support will let you use your pen-tablet with its sensitivity to pressure.In this way you'll achieve perfect results during painting and retouching.

Corel Painter 2015 V14.0.0.728 Free Download

Corel Painter 2015

Corel Painter 2015 is the ultimate digital art studio for anyone ready to expand their definition of creativity . Corel Painter 2015 is a combination of inventive drawing tools , Natural Media brushes , image cloning capabilities and virtually unlimited customization options give you total freedom for creative expression . Internationally recognized for its RealBristle  brushes , Corel Painter 2015 offers the most realistic from of digital painting available in the digital art realm. Corel Painter 2015 is changing what's possible in art.Explore new creative possibilities with Natural-Media brushes , paper textures and media that look and feel just like traditional art materials.Find unreal inspiration with revolutionary new particle brushes and mobile enhancements.

Experience the speed and power of the ultimate paint program with native 64-bit Mac and PC support.plus , work with photoshop files for even more creative compatibility.
By adding Corel Painter 2015 to your workflow , you gain a full art studio that gives you the tools to create unprecedented artwork , Digital art tools let you experiment with color theory , composition and brushes strokes , without the toxins , mess and expenses associated with traditional art.

Revolutionary particle Brushes.

Discover incredible brushes that let you revel in creative chaos or take complete control.Enhance a photo-clone painting or create a unique masterpiece with physics-based brushstrokes that spring , flow , glow and gravitate onto your canvas.

New! Native 64-bit application for Mac.
Performance improvements for your Mac mean faster speeds when it comes to intensive operations . zoom , rotate , transform , work with layers and more - all without slowing down . plus , experience improvements to brush accuracy and performance.

New! Real-Time Stylus & Windows Tablet PC Support.
Paint on the go and find new inspiration anytime , anywhere . plus , use the painter Mobile for Android app and then import your work directly into Corel Painter 2015 to add the professional finishing touches.

Enhanced! Cross-Platform CPU Performance Optimization.
Now utilizing half the power of previous versions , your laptop battery will last longer while using painter. Experience brushes that on average now offer 40% more speed , with some brushes clocking in at 6x faster than previous versions!.

New! Custom User Interface Palette Arrangements.
Inspired by professional painter artists , these timesaving arrangements include new brushes , Illustration , Cloning and minimal UI options that allow you to easily switch between tools and optimize your painting environment.

New! Jitter Smoothing .
Enhance the realism and randomness of your digital brushes . Add jitter smoothing to Airbrush spacing and flow , brush rotation , color expression and more - all while using both old favorites and brand new Particle Brushes .

Enhanced! Real-Time Preview of Effects.
Add effects to your work and see them displayed on your canvas in real-time as they're applied. Now your entire canvas offers a world of effects experimentation - all completely in real-time.

Enhanced! Brush Tracking utility.
Now you can control and customize pressure-sensitive memory to virtually any brush. A visual power curve captures every movements and every line on your canvas , just like you would with real world art materials.

Enhanced! Fresh New Content.
Discover even more creative possibilities with new paper textures , nozzles , images and more. plus , discover all-new Toolbox icon updates that match the fresh new look and feel of Corel Painter 2015.

RealBristle Painting & Wacom tablet Compatibility.
Discover why RealBristle technology replicates traditional art materials more realistically than any other software. control color intensity and shading simply by adjusting the angle and pressure of the pen on your tablet.

Smart Photo-Painting tools.
Transform photos into paintings using the powerful cloning and photo-painting tools of Corel Painter 2015 . Clone image by hand or let the Auto-painting palette paint a photo for you using your choice of brush and media. The SmartStroke brush technology follows lines and contours in your picture just like a real artist would.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) 6.21 Build 3 Crack & Patch

Internet Download Manager (IDM) 6.21 Build 3 Crack & Ptach

 Internet Download Manager (IDM) is very popular download acceleration tool . It is empowered with most recent technology of segmentation through which it downloads of video , music , document and other important files in different segment and then binds them together . IDM augments download speed by up to five times. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections , network problems , computer shutdowns , or unexpected power outages are outstanding for individuals . Faultless incorporation into major browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer , Firefox , Google Chrome , Opera is considered to be very useful and through which IDM handles your downloads robotically . IDM crack we provide will help you to use this software for free.

Whats new in Version 6.21 build 3 ?

Following are some of major changes in IDM 6.21 build 3

1. Added a feature to search downloads in IDM list [ long waited !!! ]
2. Added high DPI support for Google chrome extension.
3. Fixed bugs.

Setup Instructions

1. Close/uninstall previous version of IDM .
2. Install version 6.21 build 3 from setup folder.
3. Cancel/Close all message from IDM about fake serial .
4. Close IDM from system trey if it is still open (IDM must be closed during patching process.
5. Copy all files (2) in "crack" folder and past (replace) it in original installed folder (normally C:/program Files/Internet Download Manager).
6. Run reg file . Done!


Panda Antivirus Pro 2014 Free Download Full Version With Lifetime

Panda Antivirus Pro 2014 Free Download With Lifetime Crack
 Panda Antivirus Pro 2014 Free Download with lifetime crack , Panda's products include security tools for home users and enterprises , including protection against cybercrime and kinds of malware that can damage IT systems , such as spam , hackers , spyware , dialers and undesirable web content , as well as detection of WiFi intrusions , Its trade mark technology , branded TruPrevent , is a set of proactive capabilities aimed at blocking unknown viruses and intruders , in 2007 Panda introduced a new collective intelligence security model , which utilizes grid computing for malware collection and detection . On November 2009 , Panda Antivirus Pro 2014 unveiled its first cloud-based security services for Home users and SMBs.
In 2015 , Panda Antivirus Pro 2014 was the fourth largest antivirus vendor Worldwide , with 3.2% of the marketplace. The company , whose shares were previously 100%.
Panda Antivirus Pro 2014 is rated by Gartner analysts as a technology innovator . Technological milestones include its pioneering launch of security systems , such as the SaaS concept (security as a service) or antivirus solutions that provide protection from the cloud (cloud computing) and are based on what Panda calls Collective intelligent , a security model Panda introduced on the market in 2007 According to its CEO , the main benefit this security model provides is that it allows automatic scanning of threats instead of the manual scans carried out by other companies , Making it quicker and more efficient in malware detection.
Panda Antivirus Pro 2014 has subsidiaries in the US , Germany , Austria , Belgium , The Netherlands , France , UK , Sweden , Finland , Spain and Japan (citation needed) Additionally , it has franchises in Another 44 Countries.Panda prevailed on its lawsuit against External Technologies , recovering a judgement in excess of $100,000 and prevailing on all claims asserted by External against Panda.

Most Important SEO Tools for Bloggers in 2014

Every new day always we are facing new challenges in our Blogging career and have to do lot of more important tasks to build traffic for our blog to achieve and fulfill SEO factors and score , So , here you will be notified some of the most important tools for search engine optimization in this year of 2014  These tools will help you to understand every mistake regarding SEO metrics and give guidance in every step i.e. On-page & Off-page SEO , images optimization , Back link tracking , keyword positions , link building and other SEO Factors.

Most Tools for Bloggers in 2014

Hope you find the following SEO tools essential for your blogging career and use it to manage and improve search engine ranking by using these valuable tools.

Searchmetrics Suite 
How this tool will help you , you just have to visit and insert your blog / website link in the domain field , it will start analyzing and give you actual result for SEO , backlinks , Social media etc . and give you details statics of your blog.
If you are looking or searching for your competitors around the internet? You hav ereally missed this to know and understand who are competitors of your blog . This toll will help you to tackle all you competitors by keywords and show you most top ranked domain in search engines.
WordTracker is keyword analyzing tool , You can track and generate thousands of keywords with potential long tail with monthly search volume and traffic amount.
Opensite Explorer
This tool is affiliated with Moz as discussed below , to analyze your site Domain Authority (DA) , Page Authority (PA) and backlinks with anchor text and analyze your website in all respect and give you actual report about you SEO score.
Moz present extension bar for internet browsers for Firefox and Chrome to show you live SEO metrics within few seconds , If you want to analyze any website without using any tools you must have to install Moz Bar Extension bar.
Another SEO tool by MOZ as I have told you must use it in 2014 , in the very beginning i have written we have new challenge every new day because of changes in search engine algorithm so this tool will help us to know if any implementation and changes in major search engines i.e. Google algorithm .
Google page speed insights
There is also little introduction of this useful tool which is provided by Google to check the loading speed and show you most important problems to speed up your blog.

Other SEO Tools by Google 

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Analytic Tools

Google Keyword Planner

How to Make Money Online By Selling Photos

My Topic might be not good understandable for those , who don't know about it but it is really true and possible to Make money online by selling photos online over the internet.As we all are like to take photos and snapshots even we are not enough good in this business but always try to capture our memorable and special moments by taking photos . So why we should not start our new business by  selling stock photography over internet!

Who will purchase photos over Internet
There are bundles of organizations and companies as well as webmasters looking to purchase photos online to use them in their websites and work objectives .There are companies who give this opportunity to photographers to sell their photos and earn some awesome money.
Where & How to Sell Stock Photographs and Make Money
If you want to sell your photographs , you have different option to start your business , you can sell your photos on the following website and may you have to create your photo portfolio website to sell your photos . But also you have to consider one thing that all your photos are your own and not taken from any other place otherwise may be your photos will be rejected by the buyers. Check Right below after this paragraph I will some mention some best websites where you can sell you stock photography.

K-Lite Codec Pack 10.6.5 Standard Free Download

K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of VFW/ACM codes , DirectShow filters and tools . Codecs and DirectShow filters are needed for encoding and decoding (playing) audio and formats . The K-Lite Codec Pack is designed as user-friendly solution for playing all your audio and movie files . With the K-Lite Codec Pack you should be able to play all the popular audio and video formats and even several less common formats . There are four versions of the K-Lite Codec Pack: Basic , Standard , Full and Mega .
* Basic contains everything you need to play all the common video file formats . Such as AVI , MKV , Mp4 , OGM and FLV . This pack is for those who like small no no-sense pack.

* Standard variant contains some additional features compared to the basic variant . It contains Media Player Classic , which is an excellent player for video files . It also has (better) support for playback of DVDs . This pack is recommended for the average user.

* Full variant has many additional features . It supports playback of several (lossless) audio formats . It contains VFW/ACM codecs that can be used for encoding . It has playback support for a few legacy audio and video formats. This package is suitable for power users.

* Mega variant has almost the same contents as the full variant , but additionally contains some extra DirectShow filters and VFW/ACM codecs.

Features of K-Lite Codec Pack Standard:
Media Player Classic Homecinema ( version
DirectShow Video decoding filters:
Lav Video (version 0.60.1-22-gb8a8b83)
DirectShow Source filters:
LAV splitter (version 0.60.1-22-gb8a8b83)
DirectShow subtitle filter:
DirectVobSub (xy-VSFilter version
Other Filters:
madVR (version 0.87.41)
Codec Tweak Tool (version 5.7.8) mediainfo Lite (version 0.7.67)
Shell Extensions:
Icaros Thumbnailprovider (version 2.2.4 b43) Icaros property handler (version 2.2.4 b3)