MXKey HTI Box Setup v3.5 Revision 2.6 / 2.7 Free Download

MXKey is a great flasher tool to flash and unlock Nokia and several other mobile phone brands. The latest version of this tool at the time of this publish is "MXKey v3.5 Revision 2.7" which is the most stable version of this great flashing tool. If you haven't downloaded this version yet, you can download the setup of this file from the link provided at bottom of this post.
What's New in MXKey 3.5 Revision 2.6 / 2.7
  • WP8 support added
  • Improved support for USB cable flashing
  • Improved refurbish flashing
  • Service utility for WP8 is added
  • Factory reset of mobile phones without flashing
  • Read/Write product data including PSN, hardware version, production date etc.
  • Super-dongle for writing data securely
  • and much much more!!
So MXKey HTI 3.5 is the perfect solution for flashing your mobile phone's firmware and you must download the latest setup if you haven't downloaded the software yet. It is a great alternative to Phoenix Service Software. Below link will download MXKey HTI v3.5 revision 2.6 beta 2.7 for you.


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